Critical Reviews of Hatch’s Concerts, Master Classes & Recordings


“Hatch’s masterful performances warranted the several encores and standing ovations from the Ghione Theater audience.”

—Rome, Italy


“The inspired concert performances by Professor Hatch. . .of works from Rachmaninoff, Bach, Chopin, Debussy, Scriabin and other beloved composers, caused the hall filled with professional pianists, musicians and the public to burst into applauses throughout the evening!”

—Sofia, Bulgaria


“Clearly, Hatch is one of the finest talents to appear on the international platform.”

–Edinburgh, Scotland


“Mr. Hatch’s performance master class was of the highest professional caliber and his personal and genuine interest in our Chinese students made for a winning combination.”

–Jin Zhang, Professor, 
Central Conservatory of Music – Beijing, China


“Hatch is a pianist of finished technique and refined musicianship.”

—Birmingham News, Alabama


“Hatch, who exploded with a dazzling display of virtuosity on the pianoforte, delighted the audience with a programme of gems from the classical repertoire.”

—London, England


“A grand pianist, the artistic performance of David Glen Hatch was stunning with bright tone, assured musicality, great rhythmic drive, and romantic grandeur. . .”

–Athens, Greece


“Hatch’s performance has been one of the greatest cultural programs aired by our station|

—Copenhagen, Denmark


“David plays with tremendous warmth and passion.”

—Dr. Robert Schuller, Crystal Cathedral 
”Hour of Power”, Internationally Televised Sunday Broadcast


“David is a brilliant pianist with a personal style marked by strong musical conviction and tonal power.”

—RTHK Radio, Hong Kong, China


“It is inconceivable that 10 mere mortal fingers can create such a masterpiece of sound.”

—Kansas City Star, Missouri


“Pianist Hatch… Masterful… a skilled musical communicator.”

—Calgary, Canada


“Professor Hatch presented one of the finest, most energetically impressive master classes ever at our music conservatory!”

–The Mikhail Glinka State Music College, 
Dnepropetrov, Ukraine


“Of the many piano concerts of international artists to appear on this campus over the years, Hatch’s is one of the most impressive.”

—Penn State University, 
DuBois, Pennsylvania


“In addition to his program of impressive finger technique, Hatch’s musical poetry in the Mozart Adagio was exquisite.”

—Osaka, Japan


“Hatch’s brilliant, powerful, and musically sensitive playing of the Brahms Concerto noticeably elevated the orchestra’s level of performance.”

—Deseret Morning News, Utah


“Hatch’s unprecedented performance of the Sixth Hungarian Rhapsody of Liszt brought the audience to their feet before the final chord.”

—Paris, France


“What (Hatch) brought to the music was electrifying… rhythmic drive, a capacity for glorious phrasing and a display of considerable technique.”

—Geneva, Switzerland


“The standing ovation resulted from the power of his performance which reached out and touched his listeners.”

—Moscow, Russia, 
Music Hall of Composers


“It was most impressive that [Hatch’s] audience was so inspired that they rose, standing in silent tribute.”

—Los Angeles, California


Through his extraordinary virtuosity and powerful interpretations, David Glen Hatch certainly belongs on the international concert stage.”

–Qian Yiping, Professor, 
Shanghai Conservatory of Music


“The stillness he (Hatch) achieves in the last movement of Holiday Diary is nothing short of genius.

—Smitten with Britten CD Review, 
The Daily News, McKeesport, PA


“David Glen Hatch’s CD, ‘Let Freedom Ring’ is the best I have heard. Every song on it is well arranged and spectacularly performed. If anyone wants to have every patriotic juice in his or her body enhanced, this is the CD that will do it! The sensitivity of these productions is astounding and gratifying.” 

—U.S. Senator, Orrin Hatch


“. . .the featured soloist was David Glen Hatch–STOP! Enough said, as this pianist easily mesmerized his audience with both bravura and musically sensitive playing!”

—Prague, Czech Republic


“American pianist extraordinaire, David Glen Hatch, has the gift! His versatile program mesmerized the capacity audience generating an immediate standing ovation.”

—Madrid, Spain


“The vast audience was touched from the grace and sublime skill of one of the great American pianists. . . the emotion in his playing touched the core of the soul. . .”

–Siracusa, Sicily