Inquiries on scheduling David for Church/Mission Firesides, Community Lecture/
Musical Presentations and National/International Concert Performances, 
please see the Contact Page of this website


Yakima/Selah Stakes Fireside, Washington
BYU Alumni Association Lecture/Performance Presentation, Utah
Kaysville Stake Fireside, Utah
Geneva Stake, Switzerland
Utah Women’s Conference – Symphony Hall/Salt Lake City, Utah
Layton Holmes Creek Stake Women’s Conference, Utah
Benoni Stake Women’s Conference, South Africa
Orem Canyon View Stake Adult Fireside, Utah
Tooele South Stake Women’s Conference, Utah
St. George East Stake Women’s Conference, Utah
Bountiful Utha Heights Stake Women’s Conference, Utah
Littleton Colorado Stake Women’s Conference, CO
Farmington North Stake Women’s Conference, Utah
American Fork East Stake Women’s Conference, Utah
2nd World Piano Conference Lecture/Performance, Novi Sad, Serbia
Lakeridge Stake Women’s Conference, Utah
BYU Muti-Stake Single Adult Conference, Utah
Hunter Central Stake Women’s Conference, West Valley, Utah
Parkland Stake Fireside, Tacoma, Washington
BYU Marriott School of Management Lecture/Adult Fireside Presentation
Phoenix East Stake Women’s Conference, Arizona
Grandview East Stake Women’s Conference, Utah
Utah Single Adult Musical Fireside sponsored by the Union Fort Stake, Utah
South Cottonwood Stake Women’s Conference, Utah
Grand Junction Women’s Conference, Colorado
NCA Conference Fireside, Utah
Wives of the General Authorities Luncheon, Musical Presentation, Joseph Smith Bldg, SLC, Utah
The LDS Education Forum Lecture/Performance Presentation, BYU Wilkinson Center, Utah
Durham Stake Musical Fireside, North Carolina
Homantin Stake Musical Fireside, Hong Kong, China
1st/3rd Branches Expatriate Musical Fireside, Beijing, China
Tokyo Stake Musical Fireside, Japan
Multi-Stake Musical Fireside, St. Louis, Missouri
Timpanogos Singles Fireside, Lehi, Utah
Pensacola Stake & Mission Fireside, Florida
Harrisville Stake Musical Fireside, Utah
Grandview Stake Youth Fireside, Utah
Panama Beach Stake Fireside, Florida
Bucharest Stake Member/Missionary Fireside, Romania
Salem Utah Stake Youth Fireside, Utah
Kamas Stake Musical Fireside, Utah
Philadelphia Mission “Meet the Mormons” Musical Fireside, Pennsylvania
West Jordan Westbrook Stake Fireside, Utah
Madrid Mission Fireside, “Madrid LDS Temple Square”, Spain
Utah Legislators Musical/Lecture Presentation
Winder/Winder East Bi-Stake Fireside, Utah
Provo Grandview East Stake Musical Fireside, Utah
Stake Musical Fireside, Palermo, Sicily
BYU Third Stake Musical Fireside, De Jong Concert Hall on BYU Campus, Utah
Taylorsville Stake Single Adult Fireside, Utah
Ljubljana Stake Member/Missionary Fireside, Slovenia
Talence Stake Fireside, Bordeaux, France
Crawley Stake Musical Fireside, England
Cusco Stake Fireside, Peru
Provo South Stake Young Men/Young Women Fireside, Utah
Pisa Stake Musical Fireside, Tuscany, Italy
Heber City Stake Fireside, Utah
BYU Fifth Stake Fireside, DeJong Concert Hall, Utah
Ann Arbor, Westland, Grand Blanc & Bloomfield Hills Multi-Stake Musical Fireside, Michigan
Talcahuano South Stake/Concepcion Mission Fireside, Chile
Acropoli LDS Branch Musical Fireside, Athens, Greece
Johannesburg (Bedfordview Stake) Musical Fireside, South Africa
Berea Stake (Durban), South Africa
Cape Town Single Adult Musical Fireside, South Africa
BYU Campus Education Week Lecture/Performance Presentations, 1987-1996
Indianapolis Stake Firesides in Bloomington & Terre Haute, Indiana
BYU 12th Stake Fireside, DeJong Concert Hall on BYU Campus, Utah